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  GraphicAudio Nekropolis Adaptations

All three Nekropolis books as well as three Nekropolis short stories have been adapted by GraphicAudio as full-cast dramatizations, complete with music and sound effects. GraphicAudio: Itís a movie in your mind!


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Night Terrors

  Night Terrors

Itís Supernatural meets Men in Black in a darkly humorous urban fantasy.

When you dream, you visit the Maelstrom. Dream long enough and hard enough, and your dreams can break through into the living world. So, alas, can your nightmares.

And whoís there to catch the dreams and nightmares as they fall into reality? Meet the Shadow Watch.

Pray you never need them.

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Deep Like the River


In a world where zombies battle the living, which is more terrifying?

It was supposed to be fun. A chance to get away. An opportunity for two sisters to bond and — more importantly — for one sister to heal. And it was a small river, calm, slow-moving. Perfect for a leisurely canoe trip on a beautiful summer day.

But then they hear a baby crying on the shore, seemingly abandoned and overheated. Alie and Carin have to take her with them, right? They canít just leave here there.

So a simple canoe trip becomes a rescue mission. But thereís something on the shore, hidden by the trees. Something thatís following them every step of the way — watching, waiting …

Around every bend, the river becomes stranger and more dangerous, until Alie isnít sure whatís real and what isnít. But no matter what the river throws at her, Alieís determined to get the baby to safety. Sheís already lost one child. She wonít lose another.

No matter what.

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Dark Regions


The Way of All Flesh


In a world where zombies battle the living, which is more terrifying?

David is trapped in a nightmarish version of his hometown, pursued by crimson-eyed demons and insane cannibals, with no idea how he got there. At every turn heís taunted by a mysterious youth named Simon who knows far more than he lets on.

Davidís sister, Kate, fights for survival in a word decimated by flesh-eating zombiesóand her brotherís one of them. Sheís determined to put a bullet in Davidís brain to set him free.

Nicholas Kemp is a human monster, a born killer. But in a world ruled by the living dead, heís no longer the most feared predator, and heíll do whatever it takes to become that again. He plans to start by killing Kate.

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For the first time ever, you can make decisions alongside Sam and Dean Winchester in their quest to battle monsters, demons, and every Big Bad looking to crawl out of the dark recesses of America’s small towns. Open up a local paper in a diner and pick which strange occurrence the boys will investigate first. Jump headfirst into your very own adventure with the Winchester brothers and pick your cover story: will you be an FBI agent, reporter, or bikini inspector? Figure out which lead to follow. Decide whether to split up or stay together. Do you call Bobby Singer for help? And remember, the clock is ticking! If you make the wrong decision, another victim could meet a dark and gory death.

Demons, spirits, and ghouls lurk around every corner, waiting to get the drop on Sam and Dean — and only by following all the clues, interviewing the right suspects, and making the right choices can you lead them to victory.

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In the Silence of the Night


Losing her unborn child and becoming a recent divorcee has left Merilee alone and unneeded. That is, until she meets a couple of unusual teenagers with dark obsidian eyes. Can they help her find the exit out of her hell?

This short story is available as an ebook for only 99 cents.

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Bone Whispers

  Bone Whispers: A Collection of Short Fiction

Visit a field where living corpses grow from the ground like pumpkins.

Sail across a sea of blood on a raft made from human skin.

Flee from a crazed mob determined to tear you limb from limb for the crime of realizing that you are God.

From Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author Tim Waggoner comes Bone Whispers, a new collection of distorted realities and surreal nightmares. With an introduction by Bram Stoker Award-winning author Michael A. Arnzen.

Collecting eighteen tales of mind-bending horror, including “Some Dark Hope,” “Skull Cathedral” and “The Great Ocean of Truth.”

Come, listen to Bone Whispers.

You’ll never be the same.

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