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Kick It Up a Notch
Learn the four key paces to use in your novel.

Time's a'Wasting
How to find more time to write.

The Anthology Game
How to write for theme anthologies.

How to Be Class Conscious
How can you get the most out of a class or workshop? This article provides you with advice.

The One That Got Away
How does a writer cope with getting a novel deal ... and then losing it?

Network Smarter, Not Harder
This is a good article for those about to participate in a writing class or a workshop. Tim offers a number of thoughtful insights and suggestions for maximizing the learning experience.

The Horror of It All
This is a good article for the new author who is interested in writing horror. Tim offers tips on how to and how not to do things if you want to be successful horror writer.

Personal Horror
This article discusses ways to make horror more personal to make your story truly come alive for the reader.

The Naming of Names
All about picking the right names for your fictional characters.

Writing What You Know (and Knowing What You Write)
How to write about what you know about when you're writing about the impossible and the unknowable.