Let Me Tell You a Story

In Let Me Tell You a Story Waggoner presents stories from his own publishing career and uses them to illustrate techniques and point out ways to improve. “In both Writing in the Dark and Writing in the Dark: The Workbook, I included a short story of mine and critiqued it based on the principles outlined in those books. Readers responded… Continue reading Let Me Tell You a Story

Writing in the Dark: The Workbook

Like Tim Waggoner’s Bram Stoker Award-winning Writing in the Dark, a manual for how to write horror fiction, this workbook covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from monster, idea, and plotline creation to avoiding clichés and developing the art of suspense. The workbook, however, foregrounds practice over discussion to help writers master these concepts. Both… Continue reading Writing in the Dark: The Workbook

Writing in the Dark

In this comprehensive textbook devoted to the craft of writing horror fiction, award-winning author Tim Waggoner draws on thirty years’ experience as a writer and teacher. Writing in the Dark offers advice, guidance, and insights on how to compose horror stories and novels that are original, frightening, entertaining, and well-written. Waggoner covers a wide range… Continue reading Writing in the Dark

The Art of Writing Genre Fiction

A collection of writing articles by Bram Stoker Award-Winners Michael Knost and Tim Waggoner. Each piece offers sage advice for writers working in any genre. Topics covered include Decreasing the Learning Curve, Showing and Telling, Writing Fiction for Anthologies, Writing with an Emotional Core, Creating Great Characters, Working with Agents, Networking, and many more!