Cross Country

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Cross Country

When Joanne Talon was a child, she disappeared for six days. She returned without any memory of where she’d been and what happened to her during that time. Not long after that, four people were viciously murdered without apparent motive by Carl “the Cutter” Coulter. Carl cut their throats and then carved a bizarre symbol — a triangle bisected by a bolt of lightning — into their abdomens.

Now Joanne is Sheriff of Cross County, Ohio, and Carl Coulter is dead, executed for his crimes eight years ago. But the killings begin again: throats slashed, Carl’s signature symbol carved into the victims’ stomachs. Joanne, with the help of reporter Dale Ramsey, must discover who’s copying Carl’s crimes and why. To make matters worse, the murders have drawn the attention of the sinister Cross family, who’ve ruled the county that bears their name for the last two centuries. The Crosses have their own reasons for wanting the murders stopped. Their land holds secrets . . . ancient, dark, and buried deep.

And the Crosses intend to make sure they stay that way.

Published by: Wizards of the Coast Discoveries 2008