Deep Like the River

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Deep Like the River

It was supposed to be fun. A chance to get away. An opportunity for two sisters to bond and — more importantly — for one sister to heal. And it was a small river, calm, slow-moving. Perfect for a leisurely canoe trip on a beautiful summer day.

But then they hear a baby crying on the shore, seemingly abandoned and overheated. Alie and Carin have to take her with them, right? They can’t just leave here there.

So a simple canoe trip becomes a rescue mission. But there’s something on the shore, hidden by the trees. Something that’s following them every step of the way — watching, waiting …

Around every bend, the river becomes stranger and more dangerous, until Alie isn’t sure what’s real and what isn’t. But no matter what the river throws at her, Alie’s determined to get the baby to safety. She’s already lost one child. She won’t lose another.

No matter what.

Published by: Dark Regions Press 2018