Terrifier 2

The nightmarish Art the Clown returns from the dead to continue his murderous and mad spree, in this gruesome novelization of the hit horror film. It has been one year since the sleepy town of Miles County survived the murderous spree of demented killer Art the Clown, but little do they know the nightmare is… Continue reading Terrifier 2

Old Monsters Never Die

From the mind of four-time Bram Stoker Award winner Tim Waggoner comes 18 provocative tales of terror that explore the darkest corners of the human mind. This comprehensive collection concludes with an unforgettable metafictional story on what it takes to be a horror writer. With this carefully curated selection of short stories. discover why no… Continue reading Old Monsters Never Die

The Atrocity Engine

Men in Black meets Hellraiser in this rollicking mash-up of urban fantasy and cosmic horror from four-time Bram Stoker Award-Winning author Tim Waggoner. Creatures from dark dimensions infesting your home? Demonic beings trying to drive you insane? Alien gods attempting to destroy your universe? Just call Maintenance. This underpaid and overworked secret organization is dedicated to battling forces… Continue reading The Atrocity Engine

Dying For It

Justin & Liana Mallory are husband and wife. They`re also private investigators. Fortunately enough for them, both work and play go together quite naturally, as nothing gets them quite as excited as working on a case. However, when Wyatt Trower, an old flame of Liana`s asks for help, jealousy rears its ugly head, right up… Continue reading Dying For It

Like Death

Scott Raymond is a man haunted by his past and terrorized in the present. As a young boy, he witnessed the brutal murder of his family, but there is so much of the gruesome tragedy that he simply cannot remember — including the identity of the killer or why Scott alone was spared. The memories… Continue reading Like Death